Dear friends and colleagues,

Let’s start immediately with the hardy reassuring news: I begin by telling you that this is a year to pay particular attention to: too many “turbulences” disturbs navigation on international markets. Italy is the industrialized country that suffers the most. Doing business in Italy requires entrepreneurs and managers capable and responsive to change.

The automotive aftermarket is strongly changing and in the coming years the trends that are emerging (even though shyly in Italy) will become more real and even more insidious.

We must be ready, choosing the right partners, who share similar ideals and strategies.

Usually, “You become who you hang out with” so you have to spend time with people and companies that bring added value, ideas, energy, and why not, serenity and a smile!


Partner companies that watch and understand the market in the same way.

If, for a moment, I may talk to you about our success, I think it is due to the ability to distinguish ourselves, to the ability to anticipate the times making us find ourselves ready for the paradigm shift. This year, for example, for many at the exhibition it was the year of the presentation of technical furniture for the workshop: how many companies did you count? Probably many! Many with a common characteristic: all with a similar product!

To the point that you can’t understand who really does it!

This is just an example that brings us a question: Does it make sense to bring products that are copies of one another to the market?

I had the honor of hosting many of you in the company during the event “Headquarter Experience”, an exceptional participation: over 300 guests from various nationalities and professions, to talk about business, future, new scenarios or simply to spend time together!

A great unifying opportunity, a community that shares goals and tries to keep up with the times. We are at the second anniversary and I see that from time to time the number of participants increases! It is exciting to see how involved you are in our events, it gives us the charge, it gives us new ideas and determination in pursuing our goals. Companies, excellent people who believe in change and continuous development.

I take the chance also to thank you for the several messages received after the event; just to quote one:

Good morning; I would like to thank you for the hospitality, the convivial dinner and most of all for the spirit with which you welcomed all the attendees. You showed us we are not only “customers”.


We are here, we know where we want to go, and we could welcome new passengers for our long journey!



Lino Di Betta & Team