Education is the foundation for a Country’s future, and it is important to get used to a productive work environment that can stimulate personal growth, right from a young age.

The KEEN SPACE® specialist together with our local partner studied in detail all the possible requirements of the students attending this College of Technology in Saudi Arabia, so as to create customized work areas, complete with everything they may need.

KEEN SPACE® proposal was designed to meet the expectations of the department head: having well-organized and functional workstations, where all the students can feel at ease and be immediately operational, lesson after lesson.

The suitable combinations were chosen thanks to an innovative method: Our local dealer made 3D miniatures of our KEEN SPACE® cabinets, creating an actual Lab to scale.
The result left everyone speechless.

A work environment that lives up to the prestige of this institute, which saw KEEN SPACE® as a valid ally for the minds of the future

Be performing, have a KEEN SPACE®!