A recent KEEN SPACE® project is the total fit-out of an exclusive McLaren workshop in the Middle East. All the work environments were designed with specific solutions for each individual area.

Inside the premises, we can easily spot the mechanical area, the engine area, the body-shop area and a room for Dyno testing. Each of these sectors were equipped with KEEN SPACE® technical furnishings to maximise productivity.

In more detail, the engine area was set up using workbenches with a stainless-steel worktop, in some cases the benches were “on castors” and, in others, were used specific cabinetry for engine disassembly, featuring a sequence of drainage holes surrounding the whole worktop to easily get rid of waste fluids.

For creating this service center, the customer chose cutting-edge equipment as well as highly-specialized mechanics, able to satisfy all the necessities requirements and desires of an exclusive clientele.

KEEN SPACE® solutions were selected not only for their sturdiness but also for their smart and refined design, with an Italian DNA.

Our specialist, together with the local distributor, studied the most suitable combinations for each work area, paying full attention to the customer specific requirements.