Why is the KEEN SPACE® workbench the most suitable solution for modular workshop furniture? Because its concept is based on maximum flexibility, which in itself creates a modular layout.

When choosing the KEEN SPACE® workbench, the smart optimization of spaces is accompanied with a number of components and compositions that take into consideration all the requirements of professional and hobbyist workspaces. The result is a furniture that is not only smart, but also functional and fully organized, where everything has its place and there is a place for everything.

Modular furniture for workshop and spatial optimization

Creating perfectly optimized work environments is the final goal of modular furniture. Just like in a typical office, workshops too can benefit from pieces of furniture, components and compositions that make the most of the available surface, even when the space is limited. Alternatively, in large open spaces solutions such as that developed by KEEN SPACE® help to efficiently divide the different operating areas.

Workbenches, closets, drawers and modular panels represent the most practical solution to any context: not only the spaces will be organized in a functional way, but they will also create a neat visual impact further enhanced by the clean, minimalistic design typical of the solutions by KEEN SPACE®.

From workstations to work islands or simple desks, efficient spaces equate to efficient operations and create an important competitive leverage for any company.

And if operational needs evolve or change over time, it won’t be a problem: the KEEN SPACE® workbench and all its components can be modified and reassembled, so as to adapt themselves to your new requirements.

Why you should choose KEEN SPACE® for the modular furniture of your workshop

What are, in conclusion, the reason why more and more workshops choose the KEEN SPACE® workbench to start designing the modular furnishing of their workspaces?

  • Many combinations available: the structure that makes up the basic module of the KEEN SPACE® workbench is intentionally simple, so as to allow the design of any type of setup, from the most linear to the most complex, solving any functional need.
  • Maximum versatility: the KEEN SPACE® workbench can be modified, readjusted, expanded, adapted with ease by adding or removing a number of elements.
  • Functional vertical spaces: when a simple workbench is not enough, it’s time to make the most of the free vertical surface on the walls. KEEN SPACE® offers you wall panels and many other components to hook or store your work tools, so that everything you need is always at hand.
  • Flexibility is the keyword: modular means flexible, and flexible means versatile. KEEN SPACE® has designed its workbench to adapt to your visual, spatial and functional needs and has done so by equipping its product with many accessories and components to create customized setups.
  • Convenient and tidy: the ability to easily identify work tools and keep the organized is crucial to reduce downtimes and operate at your best. The KEEN SPACE® workbench and its accessories allow this and so much more: our solutions can house and protect computers, documents, personal protection devices and various equipment.
  • 100% Italian quality: the KEEN SPACE® workbench is the result of an all-Italian design where everything is detailed to a T. This is why the product provides for the integration of electrical and pneumatic distribution, while the baseboard finish prevents the accumulation of dirt and loss of small objects.

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