For the furnishing of motorcycle workshops, functionality and design must be able to find a perfect balance. The workbench designed by the KEEN SPACE® specialists is designed with this goal in mind: to set up highly performing workplaces, where order and organization are always guaranteed, while offering a high-quality and durable product manufactured with top-notch materials and characterized by a unique design.

And there’s more: what makes our workbench the ideal solution for the furniture of a motorcycle workshop is its ability to evolved with the space in which it is installed. The product is in fact completely modular, i.e. designed to offer maximum flexibility. Starting from three basic modules of 1, 1,5 and 2 meters, freely combinable according to specific requirements, KEEN SPACE® offers a wide range of components that will allow you to fully customize the style and functions of a single workbench or of the entire layout of your spaces.

At the same time, pre-designed compositions are also available for furnishing motorcycle workshops: they are suitable for spaces or standard shape and size. Alternatively, you can combine a number of components and create your fully customized layout: from carts to closets, from shelves to wall panels to distribution modules, everything can be combined to design perfect work environment for your needs.

The benefits of choosing the KEEN SPACE® workbench for furnishing your motorcycle workshop

Why do so many motorcycle workshops of different size and capacity choose the KEEN SPACE® workbench for the fitting of their spaces?

Because the product offers a long series of benefits granted by its technical specifications. The main ones include:

  • High quality guaranteed by a 100% Italian production
  • Maximum modularity and versatility of application
  • Wide range of models available for virtually endless compositions
  • Very robust 2-millimeter thick steel worktop, reinforcement steel bars, epoxy powder coating
  • 3-millimeter anti-scratch ABS cover on the worktop

Not only that: the KEEN SPACE® workbench is perfect for furnishing motorcycle workshops because it offers a smart and total use of vertical spaces, thanks to drawers, flaps and wardrobes equipped with a key lock.

It also includes modules for sorted waste collection and for fluid/energy distribution that can be integrated directly into the bench; wall units; shelves and wall panels for a smarter organization of work tools; very sturdy full-extension drawers equipped with 25-kilo maximum load guides.

For the furnishing of your motorcycle workshop, you can design your KEEN SPACE® work environment using the online configurator. If you need support or advice, you can get in touch with our team.