KEEN SPACE® is proud to present the new headquarters of AUTO GIANNINI, a 5-star service centre that stands out in Turin, capital of Italian automobile history.

It all started during a prestigious fair where  KEEN SPACE® workbenches played a leading role and where the owners of the workshop were looking for qualitative solutions for their new headquarters.

This meeting occasion was followed by a site inspection and by our offer being studied in detail while contacts with the customer continued during all the phases.

After identifying the central point of fluid distribution inside the workbenches, the challenge was to find space for all the equipment to be repositioned in the workshop.

We therefore proposed the best space-optimizing workbench: in the lower part we have inserted drawer units and door modules for storage.

In the upper part, our vertical storage panels allow the housing of exposed tools, while  KEEN SPACE® hanging cabinets with retractable door and the central locking make it possible to place precious tools.

KEEN SPACE® makes the working areas of workshops and body shops highly optimized and guarantees maximum operability, absolute performance, versatility, and great attention to the aspect of interior design. We realize ad hoc solutions that enhance the character, personality and aesthetic and operational requirements of each facility.

The new facility thanks also to the KEEN SPACE®  setups was transformed into an absolutely cutting-edge environment.

Special thanks to our local distributor and to the owners, Mr. Gianluca and Mr. Mino who immediately chose KEEN SPACE® as their partner for their work environment and congratulations for the result!

KEEN SPACE® is present in the global market thanks to its network of highly qualified resellers.

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