It all started during a prestigious exhibition where KEEN SPACE cabinets stood out. That exhibition was visited by the owner of a mechanical workshop in north of Italy, who was on the lookout for a high-quality solution to refurbish his service center.

The added value offered by KEEN SPACE was based on a winning formula: the technical and quality features of our workbenches and a tailored solution for each customer, through the selection of the proper combinations that best comply with functionality, productivity and style.

This way of operating aims to satisfy determined expectations, such as maximizing the work area as well as simplifying work processes.

After a site visit, the relevant proposal was customized and studied in detail, while interacting with the customer in every phase.

On this project our KEEN SPACE benches featured drawers and door base modules to store the equipment, pegboards for all those tools be kept “at sight” and last but not least, upper closets with slide-in doors and key-locking system, perfect to store valuable tools.

Be performing, have a KEEN SPACE!