KEEN SPACE® is glad to present you one of its latest installations, realized in the heart of Europe, specifically in Switzerland, where, in collaboration with our local partner, we set up the workshop of a well-known multi-brand dealer.

The customer, a real professional in the field, with a very demanding and loyal clientele over the years, was looking for a product that could meet its specific requirements.

Functionality and linearity had to be two fundamental aspects to keep in mind, as the available space had to be reconciled with the need to store all the tools. At the same time, the customer did not want to give up having a sturdy, high-quality workbench that would remain beautiful over time.

How can this be achieved?

Taking advantage of the modularity of our KEEN SPACE® workbenches, we chose the elements and created an ad hoc composition, which develops in width over the entire wall.

In the lower part of the KEEN SPACE® workbenches we have inserted drawer units and closets for the storage of spare parts and small tools, compact units for separate waste collection, as well as spaces to house tool-trolleys, when they are not used.

With the help of our accessories, we have been able to exploit every centimeter of available space, including the walls, thanks to the perforated panels KEEN SPACE® that allow you to always have the tools of daily use in order and within reach

The composition has been completed by the double door wardrobe WB-C2001, flagship of the KEEN SPACE® range: besides offering a remarkable containment, WB-C2001 can be transformed into a PC station, a storage for special tools and even a shelter for mobile drainers.


The final result was perfect: the modularity of KEEN SPACE® products combined with the high quality of the material has satisfied the customer from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

KEEN SPACE®, through its network of distributors all over the world and thanks to its specialists, is able to grant an excellent service. Contact us for more information!