Due to their quality and concept innovation, the modular workbenches offered by KEEN SPACE® have gone international and become the most important product for furnishing and organizing the interior of such spaces:

  • Car, motorcycle and commercial vehicles workshop
  • Industries
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Coachworks
  • Private garages
  • Handicraft workshops

The modular workbench designed by KEEN SPACE® can meet the requirements of most demanding customers both in terms of functionality and organization. It is perfect for those who are searching a solution featuring functionality, robustness, durability, design and high-quality quality.

With KEEN SPACE® modular workbenches you can take advantage of every inch, using all the horizontal and vertical spaces in virtually any kind of environment and optimize its organization.

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Modular workbench: advantages

There are numerous advantages which make KEEN SPACE® modular workbenches the best solution for setting up any workspace:

  1. Flexibility: KEEN SPACE® workbenches can adjust to your requirements, both in matter of space and functionality, thanks to its modular and all-round structure: you can choose among many combinations, accessories, and modules. We’ll help you design a complete and functional fit out, tailored to your personal requirements;
  2. Combinability: it is practically limitless because the core structure designed by KEEN SPACE® is, in its apparent simplicity, the essential module to give life to an outfitting which has high added value in terms of construction and functionality;
  3. Spatial optimization: thanks to the use of wall panels, the modular workbench by KEEN SPACE® enables you to take complete advantage of the vertical surfaces where you can store equipment and utensils;
  4. Convenience: You can take advantage of every inch and store all your documents, personal safety apparels, laptops, and all other valuable items, keeping the worktop free and tidy.
  5. Versatility: the modular workbench brought to you by KEEN SPACE® can be modified and easily adjusted over time so as to always fit the ever-changing necessities by adding or removing components;
  6. Design: excellence is in the details of the modular workbench by KEEN SPACE® and that’s what makes a difference not only on a functional level but also on an aesthetic one too. You can equip any KEEN SPACE workbench with power and compressed air distribution, while the skirting board finishing prevents dirt or small object from getting under it.

Modular workbench: how to buy

It is possible to order the KEEN SPACE® modular workbench by simply consulting the brand’s website, www.keen-space.com, which offers comprehensive information on the models, its various components and possible combinations.

  • Components: drawers, cabinets, work surfaces, universal distribution modules, accessories, shelves, wall panels, distribution raceways, skirting board kit, and so on;
  • Combinations: three types of linear modules are available: 1, 1.5, and 2 metres, in order to create personalized workspaces in accordance to operational and spatial necessities.

By using the section dedicated to the configuration of KEEN SPACE® modular workbenches on KEEN SPACE® website, it is possible to create the perfect set up to meet all your expectations.

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