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How we have renovated a well-established Fiat workshop

We recently completed a total renovation of a well-established Fiat workshop, operating for over half a century.

The family business, recently witnessed an important generational shift:  the positive conclusion to an exemplary path of growth, where the father was able to pass on to his son, commitment and passion for the motor world, values that have always characterized his activity.

After the handover, our customer decided to renovate the entire workshop, replacing completely the old furniture that served the mechanics for over fifty years. Strong and reliable furniture, that had always withstood continuous stresses over time.

What solutions could ever replicate such quality and strength, if not the KEEN SPACE® ones?

Our modular workbenches were able to meet all the requirements clearly stated by the customer: professional furniture totally made in Italy, as strong as the “old time” ones, but at the same time, able to make the workshop look modern and elegant.

The KEEN SPACE® specialist, together with the local dealer, visited the customer with a mobile showroom to give him the chance to test the quality of our solutions. This historical Fiat workshop was completely renovated and refurbished with our technical furniture.