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Find out our professional workbenches

Professional workbenches must ensure not only maximum performance but also quality materials, finishes and design so as to guarantee absolute safety for users.

Whatever the task that needs to be done with the aid of professional workbenches, it is always advisable to carefully evaluate the option to be chosen for one’s spaces, whether the spaces to be set up, in an intelligent manner, are a mechanical, automotive or artisan workshop or a private garage.

In fact, professional workbenches embody an excellent working tool for professionals and private people with mechanics or DIY as a hobby: in both cases, it is possible to identify a solution characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio and an excellent design as well as a top-level performance.

Those who want the best from professional workbenches for any type of environment choose KEEN SPACE®.


KEEN SPACE® is the 100 % Italian brand that, thanks to the quality of its product, has surpassed national borders, placing itself at the top of companies specialised in the production of professional workbenches.

The main objective of the brand is that of guaranteeing maximum and better organisation of the work spaces of different types of environments:

  • Automotive workshops
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Artisan workshops
  • Private workshops

For this reason, KEEN SPACE® has created a versatile, modern and innovative solution capable of satisfying the aesthetic and functional requirements of different users who move within different contexts and have specific needs.

The philosophy that led to the design and realisation of KEEN SPACE® professional workbenches is based on a concept of organization of spaces that is simultaneously simple and revolutionary: in practice, the workbench is combined, in its spaces and in its features, to match the customer’s requirements, through several modular solutions that can create countless combinations.


The main feature of the professional workbench designed by KEEN SPACE® is its modularity.

The modular bench has been developed in three different sizes:

  • 1 metre
  • 1.5 metres
  • 2 metres

Starting from these three different structures, the development of entire areas is achieved through an infinite number of combinations between all the different flexible modules.

The KEEN SPACE® professional workbenches also include many accessories to create real multifunctional, practical and intelligent “work areas”: chest of drawers, retractable cabinets and doors, tool trolleys, modules for selective collection, open shelves, and wall panels for the optimal usage of vertical surfaces.

To immediately start designing and configuring your professional workbench, you can refer to the appropriate section on the KEEN SPACE® website. Also, the brand’s consultants are always at your disposal to offer you the best advice in terms of setting up your work spaces.