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KEEN SPACE® is a star also in the Heavy-Duty segment, where a high-level of professionalism and sturdiness are a “must”.

Today we are going to present one of the most performing Renault truck service centers in the Middle East, that has changed its look, thanks to a cutting-edge upgrade done with KEEN SPACE®

The Renault truck sales management explained their main goal: creating a “landmark” for their customers, offering high-quality as well as quick service.

With a focus on this objective, Renault is aiming to increasingly refine the range of services offered, also relying on KEEN SPACE® expertise to improve the Truck center’s performance.

KEEN SPACE® combinations create a well-organized, functional, and tidy work environment, guaranteeing a highly performing place, that helps boosting day-to-day operations.

To help the Renault team achieve this target, we have studied a tailored solution together with our local partner as well as with the end-user, always keeping in mind the very specific requirements of the workshop manager.

The KEEN SPACE® products selected for this project are practical solutions born to enhance work performances and to increase the visits to the garage.

In particular, we have equipped the work benches with stainless steel worktop designed for engine disassembling. They feature drawer base modules with full-extension drawers to facilitate and speed up the technicians’ work, and open base modules with adjustable shelves, for spare parts storage.

The combinations have been enriched with pegboards in the upper part where to store everyday tools, while KEEN SPACE® upper closets with slide-in doors are perfect for expensive equipment, thanks to their central locking system.

The installation was flawlessly carried out by our KEEN SPACE® installation team, who made sure to fully meet the customer’s expectations.

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