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Workshop Workbenches

Workshop workbenches are fundamental professional tools for many activities. The common definition of workbench, which is often generically associated with automotive or mechanical workshops, is actually quite reductive if we consider that this type of solution finds its place basically in any professional field, such as handicraft or industry.

Basically, this means that the workbench is not only a key component for a car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle or mechanical workshop but also for handicraft workshops and even for private garages.

With that said, it is essential to always keep the customers’ real necessities in mind when we help them choose a workshop workbench, whether it is intended for a work environment or for private use.

Key elements, such as the worktop size or the workbench maximum loading capacity, must be taken into careful consideration in order to identify the best solution.


KEEN SPACE® is a 100 % Italian brand specialized in producing the very highest quality and exclusive design workbenches for workshops, designed and manufactured to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

People who choose KEEN SPACE® workbenches know they have a functional, strong, elegant solution made to perfectly fit in any type of environment.

In addition to being durable and reliable, KEEN SPACE® workshop workbenches also offer the undeniable advantage of optimizing the arrangement of tools and accessories. Thanks to their great versatility, given by their totally modular features, KEEN SPACE® workbenches are perfect for all workshops regardless of their dimensions as well as for private users who want to maximise the space organization in their own garage or their home workshop.

KEEN SPACE® Workbenches not only guarantee top quality material and finishing but also an excellent design and a remarkable quality/price ratio. In addition, these are just some of many advantages that made KEEN SPACE® cabinets so popular in Italy and worldwide.


KEEN SPACE® workshop benches are characterized by an exclusive modularity leading to a synergistic and well-thought-out fusion with any surrounding environment.

The advantages of choosing these workshop cabinets are numerous:

  • Modular means flexible: modular workbenches can meet all your requirements, both in matter of space and functionality. KEEN SPACE® benches enable you to choose among many combinations, accessories, and components in order to create a unique set-up, tailored to your personal requirements.
  • How many possible combinations? Countless: There is no limit to possibilities and solutions with KEEN SPACE®. Our core modules, apparently simple, are essential to create a complete outfitting with a high added value, both for construction and functionality.
  • More than just a workbench: It would be inaccurate to describe KEEN SPACE® solutions as simple workbenches, since you can take advantage of all your vertical space, thanks to our specially designed wall panels.
  • Optimal comfort: You can take advantage of every inch and store all your documents, personal safety apparels, laptops, and all other valuable items, keeping your worktop free and tidy.

Find out more details on KEEN SPACE® workbenches: check out our on-line configurator and create the combination that best suits you.